The Impact of Nurture Campaigns on a Passive Audience

Employer Branding Show-and-Tell with Michael Rizzi - Recruitment Marketing @ DraftKings

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Let’s talk nurture campaigns for a passive candidate audience.

How do you create something that is truly valuable and worthy of someone’s time that isn’t just another “Hey, we’re hiring again!” email list?

Yep, the thing many recruitment marketing teams want, but struggle to pull off.

On the next Employer Branding Show-and-Tell, I’m talking with Michael Rizzi, Recruitment Marketing Manager at DraftKings, about effectively nurturing a passive audience.

When: Thursday, May 13th at 2 pm PT

Topic: The Impact of Nurture Campaigns on a Passive Audience

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We’ll be covering:

  • What is your intent with nurturing? Drive awareness or convert?

  • How you tie an email campaign together to tell a purposeful story instead of it being fragmented.

  • How to build out real talent communities.

  • How to segment appropriately to target the right audience.

  • How to match timing and content to your audience.

  • How to create evergreen content for social.

  • Key tentpole areas for internal teams.

Hope you can join us :)

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